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Fountain City - Fountain City, now part of the City of Knoxville, was once the largest unincorporated town in America! What happened to this once booming little town? How did it become part of the City of Knoxville? And how do the citizens of Fountain City keep its identity alive today?

Fountain City, Tennessee - Includes history and geography.

Historic 4th and Gill Neighborhood - Features the Fourth and Gill downtown neighborhood and activities such as the annual home tour, neighborhood calendar of events, issue forums, and homes for sale.

Historic Old North Knoxville - Old North Knoxville was developed as a streetcar suburb between the 1880's and the 1940's. Streetcar suburbs had a strong pedestrian orientation.  Most people walked to their homes from the street car stop.  The automobile did not have a major influence on Knoxville until the 1920's, so there are few driveways or garages in the neighborhood.

History of the Coal Creek Watershed - After the Civil War, prisons in the South overflowed. Southern states enacted the "convict lease system" which turned prisoners from liabilities into assets by leasing them to work in mines, plantations, and railroads.  There were only three ways out of the convict labor system: escape, self-mutilation, or death. By the 1880's, business owners and politicians started using convict laborers to replace striking mine workers to crush labor unrest. Prison and labor reform movements of the time saw no end in sight for this cruel institution.

Jackson Avenue Warehouse District (Old City) - The Old City is located at the northeast corner of downtown Knoxville, Tennessee. Its boundaries, while not completely defined, correspond roughly with the Jackson Avenue Warehouse District, a National Register historic district. Presently, the Old City is known as an offbeat urban neighborhood, home to several unique restaurants, bars, clubs, and shops. There is also a smattering of small offices and apartments.

Market Square - Market Square is a pedestrian mall located in the center of downtown Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. Established in 1854 as a market place for regional farmers, the square has developed over the decades into a multipurpose venue that accommodates events ranging from concerts to political rallies, and has long provided a popular gathering place for artists, street musicians, war veterans, and activists.

Market Square Today - Knoxville's Market Square District has become a prime location for all kinds of entertainment. Whether you take your children down to play in the fountains while you shop the Market Square Farmers' Market or bring your sweetheart downtown for a romantic dinner and evening at the theatre, you'll find there's something for everyone. Market Square District is alive with music, performers, and gallery walks on the First Friday of every month. It is host to the International Biscuit Festival, First Night Knoxville and lends its support to Shakespeare on the Square, Hola Festival, Sundown in the City, Dogwood Arts Festival and other special events that make downtown Knoxville such a unique and enjoyable place.

Mechanicsville - Mechanicsville is a neighborhood in Knoxville, Tennessee, located northwest of the city's downtown area. One of the city's oldest neighborhoods, Mechanicsville was established in the late 1860s for industrial specialists and skilled laborers working the many factories that sprang up along Knoxville's periphery. The neighborhood still contains a significant number of late nineteenth century Victorian homes, and a notable concentration of early twentieth century shotgun houses.

Old North Knoxville - Bordered on two sides by roads that were part of the streetcar system, Old North Knoxville started to develop in the third quarter of the 19th century.

The Old City - Downtown area refurbished with popular shops and restaurants.

Volunteer Landing - Volunteer Landing, a scenic one-mile paved riverwalk along the Tennessee River, houses a regional visitor center, several unique attractions, historical homes and markers, a full-service marina, three restaurants, a premier hotel and refreshing waterfalls and fountains. Whether it's a relaxing stroll or a family outing, Volunteer Landing has something for everyone.

Waterfront Development - In 1988, a 50-member Waterfront Task Force was established to study and develop recommendations for the protection, enhancement, and development of the seven-mile stretch of the Tennessee River between the Forks of the River and the J.E. "Buck" Karnes Bridge.

Westwood History to 1931 - The unusual house known as Westwood would deserve a second look even if it existed outside the context of Knoxville in one of its most interesting eras. But as it is, it does have a pretty fascinating and complex story, one that combines the businesslike drive of one ambitious young man in a booming, prosperous era, and the artistic aspirations of a talented young woman who had the audacity to call herself a professional artist.

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